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Date:2011-09-05 12:33

Eday Island is in the Orkneys, and I arrived yesterday to stay at my mother's house here
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Anyway got on the train to the airport after a night out at 4am, did the usual checking bags/tickets/brushing hair type stuff before resting my head on my bag to have a quick nap, whereupon two ladies opposite starting talking about me which was really bizarre! They seem to think I'm too young to be going out which I guess is a compliment, but it was weird to hear them repeating the travel plans I'd told my friends about on the platform, then worry about me throwing up on the table, when the only reason they knew I'd been out was I handed my bag of club clothes back to my friend off of the train (which one of them had to explain to the other) Anyway, it was kind of amusing to have a couple of randomers apparently so interested in my life, and otherwise the train journey was uneventful.
Two flights later I arrived on Kirkwall, caught a taxi to the ferry terminal, only to discover the ferry wouldn't be for another 5 and a half hours! Being exhausted and having no idea where I was I was thoroughly upset until my dad called and then got my mum to direct me into town :) Had to hide my backpack under the sink in the disabled toilets since they apparently can't look after anything for security reasons, but it worked well :) I visited the cathedral and the wireless museum, they had an old crystal radio you could try and tune but it just made me think of project zero and the dead people's crystals you can listen to... creeeeepy! Ate lunch then slept in the ferry terminal until it finally arrived :) 2 and a half hours on a fairly calm island later I pulled up at Eday! Now got 8 days on an island to get through :)

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Date:2011-02-16 11:33
Subject:Memeing :D

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly (No lyric hunting! That is cheating!)

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Date:2011-02-06 05:29

Since I`ve been being a busy bee lately not sure whether to backwrite this or not. New Year was alright but not as New Yearish as I thought it would beh... not long after I went to Hiroshima leaving my shoes and phone in Fukuoka... Somehow managed ok without generally knowing the time and wandering about in heels :)
Got back, had class, went to Kyoto, had exams, saw Takarazuka doing Romeo and Juliet, then classes `finished` but I get special spring break classes for another week.
I had thought that this was to finish up Minna and do the final ultimate Fukushuu test whatsit, but I`ve now been told there`s no test, finished Minna and I still have class. Kind of can`t complain at free tuition, but since the entire University is basically shut down except for me it`s a bit bleh!
Even more people are leaving this week, must stay smiley!

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Date:2010-12-28 12:36
Subject:Made it to Kyushu!

On the Seisshun 18 kippu, which involved 12 hours of travel and 7 changes, 8 if you include the one I had to add in when I got the wrong train :) Managed to catch up to the one I needed though!

So I woke up this morning at 5.30, packed except for clothes which were nearly all in the drier, finished up packing, had super fast but necessary shower and managed to (somehow) pass both the osouji and end of year cleaning checklists, even though both myself and my roomate only had a vague idea what was required.... I think ryobosan may have been allowing for the 6am factor, lucky for us! Then I rushed of panicked that I wouldn`t catch my train on time, had to go back for my toothbrush and shoes, and tried again. I clearly over worry though because I was there 20 minutes early, so got the slightly earlier train to my first change. This would have been fine were it not for the fact that it meant I was there to hear the man in english saying the Special Rapid would be the first one on platform 4, which was, in fact, a total lie! then I`m on the smelly normal rapid with the special rapid 4 minutes behind me, only it doesn`t stop at all and we stopped 3 times, it didn`t actually overtake us till just after the third though, and when we pulled into Sannomiya it was still there, and I managed to dash across to get it! By that time there were of course no seats, but it wasn`t too long a stretch so it didn`t bother me. Also misjudged when would be peak time, I thought it would be between 8 and 8.45, but by 8.15 it was pretty quiet whereas 7 was packed to the gills!
The rest of my journey was pretty uneventful, and I survived the severe lack of toilets, so all is well :D my last train was a few minutes late, but being Japan other than that it was of course perfect.... would certainly never attempt 4 minutes transfers at home!
Right now I`m sat under a kotatsu, for the first time ever! Yay for warm legs!

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Date:2010-11-12 16:03
Subject:Old Meme
Mood: awake

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it’s just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.

Since I keep being a moany moo I thought this would make a nice change :) Feel free to join me if you want :)

Today I had something close to a conversation with my teacher in Japanese, there were still hand actions and odd English words involved, but since the topics ranged from lifetime injuries to racism in Japan and England, to Imperial Britain and Japanese border disputes it went fairly smoothly. In the last three days a few people have said my conversation has really improved, and though I still can`t say half of what I want to I guess it must have. For obvious reasons this makes me happy :) Also today went from drenching rain to glorious sunshine while I was in class :D

Today I woke up at 20 to 9 for a 9o`clock class, was obviously late, but since I actually have Yamazaki sensei`s email I didn`t have to tell the whole IEO that :) and she gave me sausage bread and a scary can of corn soup :)

Last weekend was fairly eventful, went to see a Noh play (usually 5000 yen, to magical gaijin free) Which was interesting in the parts that didn`t involve being still and talking a lot in a language the Japanese people didn`t even understand..... Everyone we were with fell asleep at some point, the teachers probably for the longest! Anyway outside the speeches there was an awesome bit with a woman being robbed, then using the thiefs weapon to get all her stuff back and his kimono too, then in a different bit a demon stole a firey golden ball thing, causing someone to roll all over the floor in tears, which was inexplicably humourous, then a different demon (or the same one with a dye job) came back with the ball not on fire, followed by a demon fighty person with a wand. Cue lots of chasing each other around the stage and stomping really epically. Demon fighter won and then it was over, given the incredibly slowness of large parts the ending was pretty good :)

After this we went to an izakaya with our teachers, who wangled us a nomihoudai even though the place wasn`t supposed to do them, we drank much sangria, decided to go piggybacking through Umeda station, which was all fine and dandy until weedy Heather carried heavy me, and ended up face first on the floor. Face was somehow fine though, no bleeding, and we`ve been sporting matching knee bruises all week :) Sunday we went to Funasaka Biennale which was pretty awesome aside from the artworks that required crawling on freshly bruised knees.
I found and tried Cheese Kitkat, this is an intriguing flavour that really ought never have gotten onto a drawing board, but people were happy when I shared tham out so I guess that`s good :)

This week has been fairly normal aside from exciting weekend so that`ll be all for now :) Been trying to write a few sentences every day in a Japanese diary, progress so far has been patchy.... we`ll see if it lasts the week!

p.s. just got free pocky, woo!

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Date:2010-10-02 08:05

Well sneaky cold kept developing on me, took tuesday of class to sleep it off a bit, this mostly worked but I've still got an annoying cough that for the time being doesn't want to budge. Mondays class was the first one taught in English, got to watch an ancient video on democracy :) It was the first class so of course mostly it was introduction and discussion, but looks like it might be interesting :) Wednesday afternoon classes have begun,, so it was my first full day, the last two classes are in English though so it's a bit of a nice break :) Although the teacher had a big warning about stuff you must not do in class, aside from the usual use your phones, fall asleep spiel, apparently we need warning not to plug in straighteners and start doing our hair, which has been done before in her class.... my image of the hard working Japanese student is beginning to float out the window!
Thursday after class we had a welcome party, complete with free food and awkward conversation :) Thursday's kanji however where horrible, so I spent hours studying them and still don't exactly know them well, plus I also had lots of vocab, somehow passed the tests though!

Friday post class we sent off our forms for JLPT, and then were treated to Ice cream by the teacher :) I had the Halloween special thinger, but would not recommend pumpkin flavour ice cream to anyone else! At least I tried it though :)

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Date:2010-09-25 16:56
Subject:One week!

So much has happened, haven't come online much since I started to get behind on homework and banned myself from internetting till I caught up :)

Singstar was interesting, seems older tv's can't switch between 50 and 60 hz and neither can the singstar games, so we had the games and the mic set up on the tv with me hashing through the flickering menus, and my laptop stealing someones internet to bring the lyrics up in front :) thanks be to the one person who has an unsecure network nearby! Was fun anyway :)

Monday and Thursday we had off for respect the aged day and the autumn equinox respectively, can't say that I did anything productive though! Well Wednesday night I took the opportunity to go out since I didn't have class the next day, was shown how to do the staying out form and now know I don't have to be prepared 4 days in advance if I don't want a dinner refund. Well maybe, either that or they were just being nice :) So we went to Kyoto to this Metro place which was definitely an experience! They played anime music all night, but I only knew 3 songs, dragonball, gundam and evangelion, and I only know the first two from a CD Cathy made me years ago! But it was really fun anyway! And when they got out the gameboys to mix in music directly from them it was pretty awesome ^__^ unfortunately the club was accessible through a tunnel straight from the station, so though I've now been to Kyoto, I haven't been outside and actually able to see anything! Oh yeah, and thanks to curfew if you want to go out you can't come back before 7 am, which I thought would mean some hanging about, but since we left at 6.30 and it was still going it seems this won't be such an issue. Except of course for my poor knees which have only just recovered!

Then Friday after class I went to Kobe to meet Craig, except he wasn't in Kobe, or even Japan but back in Blighty! This is what happens when things are arranged for 'friday' rather than 'friday the 15th october' so yeah that was mostly made of fail, but I now know the station and I ventured out a little and got myself a freebie tourist map so it wasn't all bad :) Were it not for the being unable to contact and panicking a little would have been pretty good anyway I think... Oh yeah, and on wednesday we met the University President, and he said after the equinox it would start to get colder, even though thursday was its normally baking hot self the next day was actually kinda cold, like I wish I had long sleeves on, today hasn't been overly hot either, craziness!

Today I did 2 batches of laundry, which given how lazy I feel of late is quite the miracle! I also ventured out, but just locally. Tried climbing onto the higher roof part to see around, and although the view is pretty good, being a three inch wall away from painful death in a windy place is just a bit too scary for me!

And this is my exciting life in Japan :)

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Date:2010-09-19 04:34
Subject:Long weekend :)

There are two public holidays this week, so I've got Monday and Thursday off :) so don't have to get too used to 9am just yet :) Which is good since I'm still not sleeping till 3ish :S Opened up itunes and some of the stuff I thought was lost is apparently still about somewhere, just got to try and find it :) And kill the triplicates of some albums I seem to have :S

Yesterday I went to Osaka again, got lost looking for Yodobashi, which it turns out is right outside the north exit of the station, but since most the maps have the building names rather than any shop names took more than an hour long detour ^^; But since that detour took me to a Maserati showroom I don't mind too much :) Oh for 17 million yen :)

I brought Singstar with me and tonight we're going to play :D Lots of people said they don't know many of the songs, so right now I'm making a Singstar folder and trying to dig them all out :) I have a lot already but some I'm going to have to get.... been putting off my homework though, better get started before that comes to bite me! Also met up with Sachi on Friday after class, we went to a quite nice shopping centre near the university :)

Been invited to den den town today, but I'm too lazy after walking for so long yesterday! Plus it's the middle of the day and the hot sun will surely melt me away! *hides away indoors*

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Date:2010-09-16 15:53
Subject:First Day!

This morning I had 3 hours of one to one Japanese class, currently we're reviewing so we're doing a Minna lesson a day, once it starts getting too hard, we'll slow down to about one every two days.... Providing my head doesn't explode! But yeah, there are only 6 foreign students and none of them are at the same level as me, so I'm in a class of my own! Which is awesome in terms of value, but a bit intense and there's no chance for me to slack off, I even feel bad when I have to look stuff up because it's like she's just sat there waiting... definitely going to go for the denshi jisho, especially as the university gave me a moving allowance today, unexpected money GET! :)

Also got unexpected cake, made with salt instead of sugar by accident, that was some unpleasant cake :S Went to the Aquarium, and it was epic! You see the main tank from like four levels, was there in time for feeding, the whale sharks make a little vortex thing in the water as they suck in the food, then a bunch of smaller fish hang out by their gills to catch the leftovers! Plus I love the different 'faces' of the rays, they're so cute ^__^

Now listening to live loungey joy :) there has definitely been some kind of accidental delete on my music though, because there is a lot missing, yay for the internet to amend this for me :)

Nearly slept for 5 hours last night too, getting there!

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Date:2010-09-15 03:38

I met my room mate :) She's lovely, and has lots of cute stuff, and has also offered to lend me heart shaped cushions and or care bears if I want :) The last episode of Hotaru no Hikari is on tonight, can't wait to see the end! And then see it again next week when someone has subbed it, and find out all the things I got wrong ^__^

There is also a Canadian here, although I shouldn't talk too much English it's nice to have conversation available, we're going to Osaka Aquarium today, as it's a day off before classes start tomorrow. Got my timetable, and I have 9am starts every day! At least there are two public holidays next week! :)

Need to get myself some loungy clothes, seems no one has pyjamas, they just sleep in jerseys and stuff.... so I look like a weirdo :) Been watching a drama that has moonriver playing as the start song, when I realised I don't actually own it! In fact there are loads of songs I keep thinking of that I thought I had but apparently don't :S Ahh well!

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Date:2010-09-12 19:55
Subject:It's the end of the weekend!

Having not slept until stupid o clock I overslept my intended 12 o'clock meeting with the other international students to head into Osaka together, they did wait for me though, even though by that point I was kind of not feeling like it, but I did have a lot of fun so I'm glad I went in the end :) Also got myself some speakers, but I am now worried my room mate won't like anything I like and I'll be using headphones all the time anyway :S Osaka looks to be pretty awesome :) Will definately be visiting more when I'm more settled!

Anyway, finished unpacking my boxes, just got a complete bomb of a desk, everything else is put away properly :) But this is probably as neat as it's ever going to get! Today I didn't sleep until about half 4/5ish, and woke up again about midday, just in time to go to karaoke with everyone :) Haven't had breakfast since I came here, and I'm really hoping I get into some kind of normal sleep pattern soon! Tried to beat it tonight, managed to get to sleep at 11, but then I was awake again by 12 and haven't been able to drift off since!

Am feeling less than upbeat at the moment, the morning I left England my step mother called to basically rant at me, making my dad late for work and me extremely upset. The rant was about my exam which was not a resit in resit time, the results of which I wouldn't know until I was in Japan. She was saying that I was completely selfish in going to Japan before the results came out, that she was going to have to pay out £1400 for a flight back in november when I would have a resit, and other such stuff. This completely surprised me as I had no idea resits would be in November (ignoring the blatant flight cost exaggeration) and frankly I kinda thought I would be passing, the whole call seemed to come out of nowhere. Anyway it turns out she had called one of the maths lecturers at my university that she met once at a christian camp and therefore 'knows' (not actually my lecturer though) and asked him all these questions. Since she was pretty urgent with her call and I have since found out that I did in fact fail and will need to resit it has opened up the possibility that it was hinted to her before I even knew. I feel utterly violated and upset, I wouldn't be asking them to pay for the fricking flight anyway, even though they could well afford it, and made a hell of a lot of fuss earlier about wanting to be responsible for me, which was apparently a total lie, even though my student loan form is now based on this. Oh and she's called/emailed this guy before telling him about my mother and the fact that I don't go to church anymore and all sorts of things, but it's ok because she just wanted to discuss/pray with him about me so I don't burn in the firey pits of hell.... Now I can't even call Dad to talk about anything else here, after leaving on that note it'll be the first topic to come up ;__; So in summary I'm a selfish bitch who is just after money and shouldn't have gone to japan, even though if she is right and I resit in november there is nothing else I can do till then anyway, am I meant to miss 2 months of class for the sake of one exam? I mean it's compulsory so I have to do it at some point, but I took an extra module this year so it's not like I failed the year.... GRRRRR!

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Date:2010-09-10 17:51
Subject:First full day in Japan!

Went to bed at about 10.30 last night, but then woke up again at 2.30 for 4 hours! Was kind of nice to look around the building more with no one about to wonder what I was up to :D ended up sitting on my windowsill looking out at the shiny bright dawn! I thought it was weird to do, until I saw all the footprints on the roof from other people :D

Managed to sleep again until 20 to 10 when I woke with a start from a really weird dream where Robert-sensei had come to Mukogawa and was yelling that I was doing enough ^^; was lucky though since my orientation started at 10, just enough time to become human before facing the world! Being Japan of course I melted on the way to the University, where we got information packs and went together to the city hall for alien cards and insurance, the dining hall, and the post office to open up accounts :) Felt really productive, even though it was made easy by the teachers filling in most of the forms and talking to the staff for us :) There are 3 foreign exchange students here so far including me, don't know if there are more in other dorms, but I shall soon find out :)

After that we had dorm orientation, which was basically going through the paperwork we'd been given already, but a few more things were explained, felt really guilty because I kept yawning! Turns out the punishment for breaking curfew/not taking your shoes off/generally breaking the rules is to apologise to everyone and do cleaning/weeding. Although for the 4 days notice on staying out late, it seems that is tied to getting your dinner refunded, so maybe if I wasn't bothered by that I could hand it in later :)

I then napped before heading over to the 100 yen store, where I got slippers and a couple of other bits and pieces, and found a 100 yen taiko machine, I know where I'll be spending my change :) I got given a voucher for the UFO catcher from the shop, but not sure if this is towards a prize or for a free go or something, will look properly later :) McDonalds also have little toy taiko drums that play tunes, so you can guess what I had for dinner :) There are 8 though, I want them, but do I really want another 7 McD's in the next two weeks? :S

After that I had another nap, waking up just in time for the 10 o'clock dorm meeting, everyone had to draw a number to see which area they were cleaning, we don't have to start that till sunday, but we helped the girls in the dining room anyway ^__^ I managed to unpack my suitcase and one box, so just the small box left ^__^ My desk is a complete mish of stuff, but clothes are put away nicely, so it's a good start :) Tomorrow depending on level of death I might be heading into Osaka :) We have a day free on Wednesday so I was thinking of visiting the Aquarium then, since it's not a weekend it should be quieter :) Placement test is Monday, and I have the weekend free, now what to do with myself :)
Oh yeah, I did forget my Japanese cable, but someone had left an England-Japan adapter, lucky ~!

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Date:2010-09-09 13:53
Subject:Made it!

Probably left a lot of stuff behind, as well as the huge pile of stuff I didn't post ^^; But I'm here, and for the next hour and a half I'm allowed the internet, but after that it's lights out. Whether that is just in the communal areas is yet to be seen :) Met some lovely people who I am going to embarrass myself with later as I won't remember any names! Well even now I've forgotten them ;__;

The flights went surprisingly quickly, for the last leg the chair next to me was empty so I got to stretch my legs out a bit :) This made for a far easier journey than being next to the girl singing out loud all the time, even if it was lady gaga!
My ankle is not too pleased with me having sat still all day and is looking really puffy again, but hopefully that'll go down tomorrow :)

Even though I was overweight and had two hand luggage bags it wasn't a problem, I just got told to carry my laptops as I went through and put them back in my bag after ^__^ Been shown round the place a bit, my current room mate is all packed up and clearly not sleeping here, but it all changes next week when I'll meet whoever I'm spending the year with :) Was a bit bleh when I realised most my space is hanging and I have no hangers, but there is a room of stuff people leave so I got some from there, along with a laundry basket and shower pot thing :) Might go back for the hairdryer, but I don't really use them so maybe there's no point....

Realised I may have forgotten the Japanese plug for my laptop, so might have to go buy another, but since I'm not unpacked proper there is definitely still hope ^__^

Anyway, I arrived, and found fanta melon and fanta peach in the shop round the corner, happy~

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Date:2010-09-06 22:49
Subject:Running out of time!

Not packed, not got my visa, not worked out how I'm getting to the airport, but hey I've got nearly 36 hours before I have to leave! I also have no idea how much my rent will be or when I have to pay it.... Someone is meeting me at the other end so all will be well :) Presuming I somehow manage to get all this stuff under control!
I went to see my brother yesterday, margaret needed dropping off at the airport, and was of course running late so that meant we didn't get there till gone 5, at which point it became apparent that both me and Dad had thought the other one had actually arranged it, so no one had told Russell anything so he wasn't there... luckily he wasn't too far away so he came over, but it did feel slightly stupid to have driven three hours and arrive to an empty house! The house itself is looking great though :) Emma's parents put in lots of stuff for them whilst they had their belated honeymoon which added to the awesome :)

Also went to Emma's parents place, it was really lovely, their family is so close it's great to watch ^__^
On the subject of which, managed to see most people in my trip back, not my younger brother which I'm meh about, also not my mother because she's too far away, but all the rest of my family, which is quite an achievement for me. Went to Winchester with my sister to see Grandparents and Uncles :) I love my Grandparents house so much, the only things that change are bits and pieces to make life a bit easier for them, but the whole place is a treasure trove! This time we were shown some pulled thread pieces my great grandmother had made (they probably have a better name than that) that were so intricate and beautiful! Plus everything is used for as long as it can be, didn't realise till after dinner that the silver spoons for the salad were like 200 years old and belonged to my great great something :) They're monogrammed so I know he was William Edward Dawson, but I dunno anything more than that(even though I was totally told but I have the sieve memory of fail)! Plus I didn't realise Grandad had been on a winning Cambridge rowing team while he was there, go Petersen!

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Date:2010-09-04 23:15

So I came back from Japan! Prior to which I met more awesome people, tried my hand at a little Ikebana and managed to leave my bike key on the train on my last day, which I'm still feeling incredibly guilty about! My host mother made me a bag as a leaving present, and it's freaking awesome!
Went to Fubar in Tenjin before my first domestic flight ever! Love how quick it is to wander on through :) Due to some planning errors this led me to a 15 hour wait in Osaka, but it went much quicker than I thought, largely thanks to free internet :)
Maths exam of doom might have been a touch too doomy for me, but I'll find out soon enough! Been to the dentist, the optician and the embassy twice, the only thing I actually have to do before I leave now is pick up my passport from the embassy.... on the other hand this room is a tip and I've barely packed... somehow I'm hoping the desire to do something about it will suddenly strike :)
Went up North for a day too :) Sat next to a guy on the train who worked in Osaka for a year, was good to talk about it! Though he didn't speak any Japanese so it was a bit more bewildering methinks. Also epically twisted my ankle not noticing a step, was terrified I might have broken it and it would mess with my flight, but it's slowly healing even if I have to hobble about a bit :)

Got new glasses today, they are the most expensive pair I've ever had, and I didn't even get what I wanted.... laaaaaaaaame! Am extremely lucky Dad paid, because otherwise I would've just had to stick with the old ones at that price, vision express' lense price is crazy! :S Now got to get used to the border round my eyes.... I wanted thing frames dammit!

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Date:2010-08-14 03:14

Can't believe it's already been a week since I posted! Sat an old JLPT 4 test paper at school so I could get moved up a group.... seeing as the other half of my class left yesterday I would've been a bit of a billy no mates anyway. Yesterday I went to a place called Strawberry Fields and had a really fancy cake/ice cream set, earlier this week I also shared a pretty epic chocolate ice cream thinger, will post pics when I work out how to get them on here :) The morning of the test my host mother made me a cute snoopy bento box :D Still haven't quite brought myself around to finishing an umeboshi yet, but I've been trying to acclimatise. I've also been eating pineapple and grapes, both of which I really don't like, but I feel too rude to leave them.... plus you can get everything grape flavour here so it'd be useful to like it!
Later today I'm going to cycle to this mountain that looks pretty close, and is covered in trees :) already packed lunch and a camera, just trying to tidy a little first :D

Going to miss this place so much! :(

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Date:2010-08-08 15:48

Time is really flying by, can't believe I'm halfway done! Going to try and sort out tomorrow about going up a class, but even if I can't I've been trying to talk so I think I'm improving there anyway :) Last weekend I was invited to a fireworks party, by the people who helped me with my case when I first arrived. The party and the fireworks were both much larger than I expected! There were about 30 people on the balcony, and everyone was really really kind and friendly. Including a somewhat tipsy uncle who spoke really fast japanese interspersed with english and kept asking if I was happy :) Got given some plum wine that her grandmother made and a lovely silk cloth thingy! Megan also moved out the host family house because she didn't like it...
Been to a couple of 100 yen shops now, they're way too addictive! Also went on a £12 trip to nowhere when I tried to go swimming in a park with my friend on friday, first we missed our stop on the bus by about 20 minutes, and had to buy another ticket to go back, by which time it was pouring with rain, then after ages of wandering about in the rain we got to the pool (which was outdoors) and it had closed early, owing to rain :S Were then going to just go swim in the river/harbour/not sure what thing, but there were lots of no swimming danger signs so decided against it...
Then hung out at the train station listening to Disney songs for ages till her friend turned up :) Yay Disney!

This weekend I went with the host family to Oita prefecture, to see more fireworks and my host mothers family. They were pretty epic :) and today I've been to see some carved stone buddhas, some monkeys and crocodiles at one of the onsen, the thing spews out water at 99.1 degrees, crazy stuff! Although the boiling hot steam mist then made normal movement seem a lot cooler by comparison :) Also forgot to take the camera with me, but my host mother lent me hers so yay :) At her recommendation I've been watching Hana yori Dango, which was pretty enjoyable :) Mwahaha I love cheesy stuff! Half my class left on friday, so I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

These don't seem to be getting any more coherent but I'm trying to have something written of what I've been up to, I seem to forget too easily otherwise ^^;

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Date:2010-07-28 16:13

Well I've started at the school, thanks to somehow submitting some kind of epic test online I was put in a class that was waaaay too hard for me, doing some kind of passive causative keigo. Not that I couldn't kind of understand what was going on, and how to change the verb, but it was also moving forward at a rate of knots, since the other guys in there have been in japan for months previously and so speak/read much quicker than I do. So for the first class I felt like a total retard! Then there was a kanji class which was much more level, but anyway afterwards I spoke to the staff, and then did an interview in Japanese, gave me a different test with more writing (previous had been multiple choice) and moved my group. This I would be happy wiht except it's really busy this week or something so there was no space in the middling groups so I'm in beginner 1, lesson 9 in Genki :S Conversation class is still pretty great though, since you can say as much as you want to really, and I guess it's not too bad, since I'm terrible at speaking, but we do it a lot in class and since I know the stuff it's easier for me to join in. Still sometimes flailing like a spazzoid but hopefully improving :) Anyway, on friday lots of people go home so there'll be more flexibilty then, in the meantime I can study up more on changing verb forms, as I still make mistakes all the fricking time!
Also have the worlds worst email address, going to try and get it changed before I give it out to everyone!

This weekend there may be fireworks in the park, sounds good to me :)

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Date:2010-07-25 15:41
Subject:In Japan!

Kinda felt appropriate to write something about it :) But it turns out I rambled
Mostly Boring :DCollapse )

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Date:2010-04-23 15:16
Subject:Back in Engyland

Despite the best efforts from a certain Volcano, I am now back in apparently sunny England. My brother is now a married man, and I has an awesome new sister! With less crazy in the family....
Now I have a couple of manic weeks until the term is over, with lots of stuff to do, and to be honest it's like I can't even think about it whilst my mum is here and bleh... Time will run out, I'll have a mad panic, maybe it'll work out, maybe not so much...

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